Stefan Rensing

Stefan Rensing

Prof. Dr. Stefan A. Rensing

Department Biology
Plant Cell Biology
Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 8, 35043 Marburg
+49-6421 28 29140

Research Area

We are interested in the evolution of plants sensu lato - i.e., the photosynthetic eukaryotes. A main focus is on the moss model, Physcomitrella patens as well as on other bryophytes as models for evolutionary developmental (evo-devo) biology. We are also studying the evolution of plant interactions with fungi and bacteria to mutually exchange nutrients.


molecular biology
cell biology
comparative genomics
regulatory networks
genomics and transcriptomics
genome editing

Recent Publications, Last 3 Years

1. Wilhelmsson PKI, Mühlich C, Kristian KU, Rensing SA (2017) Comprehensive genome-wide classification reveals that many plant-specific transcription factors evolved in streptophyte algae. Genome Biol Evol 9:3384-3397

2. Nishiyama T, Sakayama H, de Vries J, Saint-Marcoux D, Ullrich KK, Haas FB, Vanderstraeten L, Becker D, Lang D, Vosolsobě S, Rombauts S, Wilhelmsson PKI, Janitza P, Kern R, Heyl A, Rümpler F, Calderón Villalobos LIA, Clay JM, Skokan R, Toyoda A, Suzuki Y, Kagoshima H, Schijlen E, Tajeshwar N, Catarino B, Hetherington AJ, Saltykova A, Bonnot C, Breuninger H, Symeonidi A, Radhakrishnan GV, Van Nieuwerburgh F, Deforce D, Chang C, Karol KG, Hedrich R, Ulvskov P, Glöckner G, Delwiche CF, Petrášek J, Van de Peer Y, Friml J, Beilby M, Dolan L, Kohara Y, Sugano S, Fujiyama A, Delaux P-M, Quint M, Theißen G, Hagemann M, Harholt J, Dunand C, Zachgo S, Langdale J, Buschmann H, Maumus F, Van Der Straeten D, Gould S, Rensing, SA (2018) The Chara genome: secondary complexity and implications for plant terrestrialization. Cell 12:448

3. Fernandez-Pozo N, Haas FB, Meyberg R, Ullrich KK, Hiss M, Perroud PF, Hanke S, Kratz V, Powell AF, Vesty EF, Daum CG, Zane M, Lipzen A, Sreedasyam A, Grimwood J, Coates JC, Barry K, Schmutz J, Mueller LA, Rensing SA (2019) PEATmoss (Physcomitrella Expression Atlas Tool): a unified gene expression atlas for the model plant Physcomitrella patens. Plant J 2019 Nov 12. doi: 10.1111/tpj.14607. [Epub ahead of print]

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