Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Uwe Linne (Staff members Yvonne Ullrich, Tina Krieg, Heike Mallinger und Jan Bamberger)

Dept. of Chemistry, Hans-Meerwein-Str. 4
+49-6421 28 25618 (office Dr. Linne) or 25526 (lab),



The mass spectrometric Core Facility at the department of Chemistry supports your research competently with the analysis of small molecules up to intact proteins. Currently, we have three ESI/APCI mass spectrometers (a LTQ-FT-Ultra (Ultra-Upgrade in 2009 financed by synmikro), an Orbitrap Velos Pro, which was purchased with money from synmikro and the DFG in 2011 and an Esquire Ion-Trap), one GCMS-system and one doubly-focussing sectorfield MS for EI- and FD-measurements. Furthermore, we have direct access to an Ultraflex-MALDI-TOF/TOF (Bruker). Therefore, we have all relevant ionization techniques in our lab available. For direct coupling with the mass spectrometers we have three microbore HPLCs (Agilent 1100) and two nanoHPLCs (nanoRSLC and UltiMate, both from Dionex) available in our lab. Since December 2013 the facility owns a TLC-MS interface, which was purchased with money from SFB 987.

For sample submission, a Sample Submission Form is necessary.

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Dr. Uwe Linne with lab technicians Jan Bamberger, Tina Krieg, Yvonne Ullrich and Heike Mallinger

Recent Publications

Weber A, Dam S, Saul VV, Kuznetsova I, Müller C, Fritz-Wolf K, Becker K, Linne U, Gu H, Stokes MP, Pleschka S, Kracht M, Schmitz ML (2019) Phosphoproteome Analysis of Cells Infected with Adapted and Nonadapted Influenza A Virus Reveals Novel Pro- and Antiviral Signaling Networks. J Virol. 93: e00528-19

Robledo M, Schlüter JP, Loehr LO, Linne U, Albaum SP, Jiménez-Zurdo JI, Becker A (2018) An sRNA and Cold Shock Protein Homolog-Based Feedforward Loop Post-transcriptionally Controls Cell Cycle Master Regulator CtrA. Front Microbiol. 9: 763

Deinzer HT, Linne U, Xie X, Bölker M, Sandrock B (2019) Elucidation of substrate specificities of decorating enzymes involved in mannosylerythritol lipid production by cross-species complementation. Fungal Genet Biol. 130: 91-97

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